A simple solution
in beautiful way

The BoardFruit LinkBox – Touching up the appliances you love

The BoardFruit LinkBox is a solution that will allow you to keep using your oven when you have a keypad failure. Simply install a small module alongside your existing controller and the appliance will perform just as it always has, except now it's controlled by a brand new tablet.


A sleek piece of tech blends right in

The 7" tablet comes with a custom stand that will mount in any standard outlet. It is designed to be easy to use while not getting in the way of any other kitchen prep work. Give the kitchen a humble facelift for today's tech world.


How it works: BoardFruit's LinkBox Keypad

Bluetooth Button: Quickly and easily connect to the BoardFruit LinkBox for a remote connection.

Connection Indicator: A status indicating when you're connected to the BoardFruit Linkbox.

Appliance Functions: A complete set of recognizable and functional buttons to control your oven just as you have been doing all along.


Dropped connections are no problem

The BoardFruit Keypad will automatically reconnect in the event of connection loss.

The BoardFruit LinkBox will check to make sure it is connected to the tablet every 15 seconds.

If a minute goes by without hearing from tablet the LinkBox will safely shut off the appliance.


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